Company introduction

Company name : Quantum solution / Establishment :1st Feb. 2018 / Business area : SW development and distribution

Quantum solution is a company that opens up the ideals and values of smart retail. 


Quantum solution leads the future of high-tech industries together.

We will pursue a combination of traditional business and new business, expand our business scope into the future

while preserving the traditional field, and challenge with the know-how and passion in the smart retail field.


Quantum solution will be more globalized and expanding into the world.

Based on our trust in our customers, we will move quickly around the world to pioneer

new business areas with enthusiasm and persistence anywhere in the world.


Quantum solution will come closer to customers with trust and communication

We will value our relationship with our customers,  

provide the best system for our customers, and strive for mutual growth through marketing that will lead to customer success.


Quantum solution will do our best to grow as a company

that is respected and trusted by customers as a professional group of smart solutions

and constant understanding and discovery of products.